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Noreen E. Little

First Supreme-Anti-Basileus

The e-Learning Academy was created by the professional development committee of the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. during the CoronaVirus Pandemic. For the first time in the history of public education, schools were closed to prevent the spread of the virus. 


The committee was charged with the task of gathering web-based resources for teachers to use for remote learning. The resources are provided for grades Pre-K – college. The committee wanted to be inclusive of all students, therefore, Special Education resources, African American Resources and  Cultural Relevant Resources are included. The programs can also be used by teachers and parents to help their students stay on track with their education.


In the past few years, the e-Learning Academy has evolved into a resource site, with pre-recorded videos of professional development and a Town Hall Series to hear from educators.  The Town Hall Series, presented on relevant topics for educators, who have experienced drastic changes in the performance of their students and the workplace. They have new technology and terminology, such as remote learning and hybrid learning. The Common Collaborative Conversations addressed the issues of the mental wellbeing of staff, students and parents, the state of education and Critical Race Theory. They were wonderful presentations! 


The committee is looking forward to another series of  Town Hall meetings and the introduction of podcasts.  Stay tuned for a new year of invigorating conversations. 

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