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The NSPDK eLearning Academy has been designed to focus on teaching and learning in three phases. PHASE I – Resources ….offers a wide variety of free on-line electronic links to connect learners to skills, subjects, and tools which will be used to access specific learning needs. PHASE II – Webinars ….will present online training on how-to use technology platforms to teach students and present vibrant lessons by incorporating new online programs. PHASE III – Demonstration Lessons….will feature master teachers presenting online lessons that incorporate various Webinar techniques into student lessons.

Each resource takes students directly to the sites for grade specific skills and specific subjects or courses. The links are not specific to a designated State’s Board of Education Standards. The links are specific to skills for various levels of learners: early learner, middle school, high school, college, or adult learner, Experienced K-12 educators, including college and university instructors, throughout the United States have used these resources successfully in their classrooms with individual students, and classrooms, and small or large student groups.

Educators and parents who visit this website are encouraged to explore the links identified for each grade level, review the educational material identified according to learning styles, and recommend the appropriate links for or to students with various need. This NSPDK eLearning Academy may be used in assistance with individual or small group tutorial sessions, afterschool programs, and help students acquire additional skill building.

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